Boing—737‐500 ( aircraft crash)

Steep divedThat invincible birdAnd crashed Like a bomb on waterDashing Little stories of hopeAnd holdings kept on ropeA big sun ball Shot downGobbling upTheir winters ,their autumnsTheir pains and their gleeInto a deep and demonic seaAluminum and titanium racksGood corrosive resistance bagsAll floatedAway from cabins Cockpits and flapsSixty two feathers Never to flutter again PainfulContinue reading “Boing—737‐500 ( aircraft crash)”

Winter beggars

Dewy mornings Are a wasteFor the beggars Rushing in hasteCatching kitesStuck in poles Wearing skinRipped in holesSitting aloneLoving flakes Wounded bodies Spirits in achesRibs get counted Angry stares Death arrives In crimson flares. K.Akhtar (written on 9th Jan 2021 , in New Delhi, for my daughter Anam who suggested this title)

Deceptive democracy

Democracy bleeds Turning quagmiresOf rotten apartheidsInto dead,broken mindsBlack brown and white Sell bodies in kinds,Hypocrisy silently grows Eating dead cities and towns Mentally supine crowsAct wise,like clowns Feeding over stale resolutionsOutraging states,destroying racesEncircling backward evolutions,Liberty, fraternity, equality Have new meanings With times changing Dried up thorns Gain new weanings,Deception creeps silently Spring grows in mistContinue reading “Deceptive democracy”

breathing notes

Keep your dreamsClose to lifeKeep them breathing While in strifeCarry your soul In small packets Keep it fluttering On blissful rackets Keep your hands Next to the heartBurn your hatredAnd happily departCarry your hopes On a floating feather Worry not of painIn fading weather. K.Akhtar

A bond of life

Dim eyesAnd her growing reflections Multi shades During our soulful affections Peel out my soul As I feel these rough weathers Picking up painted feathers During wild wind chases,Still that apparition Shines and moves meIn dreams,pains, during afflictionsStill it grooves me,And her soulful songsAnd that burning fragrance Like the bonfire of life,Recall I do inContinue reading “A bond of life”


In gleamsLike the moon brokenIn shimmersAs the sea gets wokenHope diminishesAfter a sudden gale,Dust and filth Sadness and guilt Die in the arms of lustIn dreams,though,The wings of trustFlicker againNew buds blossom in painThe nest is made In a corner again. K.Akhtar


Broken wingsGather around an unsung loreWuthering dreamsCollect around a broken doorI enter my abandoned paradise Watching a dusted portrait sing- That age and wrinkles my father boreGot me to like him even more. K.Akhtar (Dedicated to my father)

An unwanted seed

I am the seedThat breathes Slowly In your soulI rise to blossom Hope and lifeAnd suffocate The weed that risesAroundFreezing me,I am the turbulent wind Today I will end timeAnd the world If I get withdrawn,I need spring ,the sunNectar and light During autumn And deathly fright,I am the farmerThat nourishes lifeThat keeps you awayFromContinue reading “An unwanted seed”

The leftovers of 2020

New year weepsOver dead feathersLying in broken nestsAn indelible print on dusty roadsWitnesses a corpse walking On azure moonbeams Empty handed Without Hope,Twilight feeds over ruinsAwaiting the heaviest ropeRats nibble left oversAnd watchWitches and harlotsFighting overGold crumbs and wealthy towers,Feud increases Peace departsNew burdens keep growing Tearing the wreathe apart! K.Akhtar


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